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     She suffered from Slip Disc due to his whole day work as housewife. She was facing severe lower back pain and right leg pain. Initially, She ignored it, She changed his mattress, then She took medicine from the medical store after that she took Treatment from various hospitals but not feel well. However, nothing worked, and her pain worsened even more as she was not able to sit. Her working life was hampered, 

How did She recover? 

    Despite taking medicines like painkillers and steroids from medical store, she was unable to get relief and her pains were constantly recurring. One day one of her family member suggested about Dr Hemraj Khorwal at Manas Hospital Jaipur. She visited the Hospital and met with Dr Hemraj Khorwal in 2019. She was advised to undergo an X-Ray and upon the findings of the X-Ray, our experts diagnosed that she was suffering from L4 L5 Slip disc. 

After 4 years of treatment, she is completely fine now and is doing all her daily activities very well.


       Manas Hospitals are Multisuper-specialty hospitals across India aiming to deliver top- quality and individual-focused Healthcare services. With a team of experienced doctors and trained staff, advanced medical technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Manas Hospitals provide holistic healthcare services not just to residents of cities, but also to people living in remote locations, with perseverance, dedication and compassion.

        He got his mother and wife treated at Manas Hospital. Mother had knee pain which was treated and his wife had fracture in right hand which was treated during covid now both mother and wife are healthy or doing daily work well

International Patients

How did he recover?

– I am from south African country Sierra Leonel. I was on a motorbike and felt accident-ed on December 16, 2022. firstly I was Treated in my country and it was not success so further I went to Ghana and there doctor say my bone was dead because of non-union. Ghanaian Doctor cut the bone and did plastic surgery and say take rest for six month that reason i was not satisfied this treatment so my family doctor suggested me to go india and get treatment so I came here